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Tips for Saving Money on Boxes When Shipping Poshmark Orders.

Hey, Poshers! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post about tips for saving money on shipping Poshmark orders. I'm Haley, the creator of the Poshmark account Stylehuntz. I've shipped out numerous items on Poshmark and have picked up a few tips for saving money when it comes to shipping orders.

First, I'll explain how shipping works on Poshmark. When a buyer purchases from your Poshmark closet, they are responsible for paying the shipping fee. Poshmark will automatically charge buyers a flat shipping fee of $7.97. As the seller, you have the option to offer discounted shipping to buyers. If you choose to offer discounted shipping, the cost will be deducted from the profit you made on the sale.

After the buyer completes the purchase and makes the payment, Poshmark will automatically send you, the seller, a shipping label. This shipping label is suitable for items weighing up to five pounds. If you need to ship something heavier, you will have to adjust the weight on the label. Please note that shipping labels for items weighing over five pounds will result in additional costs. The seller is responsible for these additional shipping costs, not the buyer. These fees cannot be reduced, but there are other ways to save on shipping. You can save on shipping expenses by using cost-effective shipping materials and getting free shipping boxes. Personally, I only use free boxes to ship my Poshmark items, and I have two ways of getting them.

One way I get free boxes is by having an account on the USPS website. Poshmark uses the United States Postal Service for the shipping labels they provide to sellers, and I use USPS boxes to ship items that fit in their free shipping supplies. Yes, you read that right! The post office provides free shipping supplies. When you create an account on the USPS website, you can order free shipping supplies, including poly mailers and boxes up to a certain size. So, when my items fit in the boxes provided for free by the post office, I use those materials for my shipping. I love it when a buyer's order fits into these boxes! Not all Poshmark orders can fit into the post office-provided boxes. The post office boxes only go up to the priority mail large size, which is suitable for a few items but not for large orders.

During Poshmark Live Shows, I often receive large orders. Buyers who purchase during Live shows often prefer to buy multiple items from one host so that they only have to pay for shipping once. They are more likely to do this if they like the items being sold and the Posh host. When large orders like this occur, I require larger boxes than those available from the post office. I've discovered a way to obtain larger boxes for free. I do this by reaching out to my local grocery store and requesting them to set aside the boxes used for their food shipments. I've discovered that the boxes used by my local grocery store to receive their cereal box shipments are the perfect size for larger clothing orders. To establish a connection, visit your local grocery store and ask to speak with the person responsible for handling boxes. Once you find that individual, politely request if they could save boxes for you to pick up. Hopefully, the grocery store will agree to help. If they say no, try the next closest grocery store to you. I understand that while these boxes may not be the most visually appealing packages for buyers to receive at their front door, they effectively serve the purpose of delivering the items.

I appreciate you reading this blog post. Please check out my Poshmark account "Stylehuntz" for cute clothes, or tune into one of my Live Poshmark Shows for great deals. Also, there are more blog posts to read about my Poshmark business!

Thank you!



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